I made the jump

I am a software developer - but like many people, I was tired of my day job.  I couldn't get excited about the projects, and I was just going through the motions.

Then I took the leap, quit my job, and started consulting.  I am now making more money, have greater control of my time, and enjoy my work more than ever before.

The best part is - I can teach you how to make the jump too.  I will teach you how to gain freedom by getting your first client, and finally start doing something you love.


Get Your First Client

Getting the first client is always the hardest - and the first question everyone always asks is:

"How do you find clients?"

I put together all of my best tips for finding clients into this FREE 11 page PDF.  It focuses on finding your first client - and then how to create behaviors and a process to continue to find clients into the future. 


Want to get your first client?